How do I cancel my Players Club account?

Cancelling your membership is easy with GOLFZING.  All you have to do is log into your Players Club page and click the button that reads "Cancel Membership"?  If you don't see it, then click on the navigation bar where you see your name.  Remember all memberships have a minimum 30 day notice for cancellation, so you may receive an additional months dues after cancellations.

Here is a "Step by Step" guide to cancelling your membership:

  1. Go to your courses "Players Club" webpage.  If you don't remember your courses Players Club page, you can access it  from the courses website or by searching at
  2. Log into your GOLFZING / Players Club account using your email address by clicking the "Log In" button on the right side of the page.  If you forgot your email address on the account, you can log in using your member number.  If you forgot your password, there is a password reset on the log in page.
  3. Click the "Cancel Membership" button.  This will either be on the right hand side of the page or in the navigation drop down with your name.  
  4. Follow the prompts to cancel your membership.  Be sure to review the last payment date and earliest available termination.
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  • 05-May-2017